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At the dental office "Dental Care", prosthetic restoration aims to reconstruct and restore the natural appearance and functionality of the patients' oral system.
Prosthetic restorations include:
     • Crowns: The placement of all-ceramic or metal-ceramic crowns to restore and protect a tooth that has suffered a significant loss of tooth substance.
     • Bridges: The installation of porcelain bridges that replace one or more missing teeth, restoring the functionality and appearance of the smile.
     • Partial Denture: The fabrication and addition of partial dentures to replace missing teeth when it is not possible to construct a fixed restoration.
     • Complete Dentures: The creation of dentures that cover the entire oral arch, replacing all missing teeth in one or both jaws.
     • Inlays - Onlays: The placement and addition of porcelain inlays and inlays to reconstruct teeth with extensive tooth loss.
     • Prosthetics on Implants: The application of prosthetic materials on implants to create stable and functional teeth.
     • Grinding Splints: The adjustment and placement of splints to protect the teeth from grinding and treat Temporomandibular Arthritis syndrome
Based on advanced technology, experience and know-how, our team creates prosthetic solutions that meet the needs and desires of patients, ensuring a healthy, functional and naturally beautiful smile.