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In Neo Psychiko Attica, the dental office team "Dental Care" offers comprehensive care to maintain and improve the dental health of its patients.
With experience, expertise and continuous training, he offers a wide range of services covering all dental care needs.


The services it offers include:
• Teeth Cleaning: The professional and careful removal of plaque and calculus, which is the main cause of gingivitis and periodontal diseases.
• Occlusions (fillings): The application of a seal on the surfaces of the teeth to treat caries and maintain dental health.
• Digital X-ray: Digital X-ray technology offers accurate and detailed images to diagnose and evaluate the dental condition of patients.
• Tooth Extraction: The effective extraction of teeth when this is necessary for the health of the surrounding teeth or tissues.
• Oral Checkup: The complete clinical examination of the mouth and teeth to detect problems and draw up a customized treatment plan.
• Dental Fluoridation: The application of fluoride products to strengthen dental hardness and prevent tooth decay.
• Inlays & Onlays: The placement of lab-made inlays and composite resin inlays to restore teeth with little remaining tooth substance
• Sports Braces: The adaptation and manufacture of customized braces to protect the teeth during sports activities.
• Tooth Reconstruction: The reconstruction and restoration of teeth that have suffered extensive damage, using the most modern techniques and materials.

Based on experience and expertise, the dental office "Dental Care Neo Psychiko" offers a specialized and individually adapted approach to general dentistry, ensuring the health and natural beauty of each patient's smile.